Saturday, August 8, 2009

I thought we were past this...

There are many great things about being close friends with people who are 10 years younger than you. Watching them start their families, stress out about home purchases, walking alongside them as they struggle in areas you've been through.... It can be very rewarding. It is also a lot of fun!

But there is a downside. When we were in Flagstaff and early in our time here in SD, we were at the age where friends came and went as directed by schooling and careers. It is hard to go through that. You feel like you really are close to someone and then they (or you) move on to another chapter in your life. Most of our peers are pretty much settled by now. They have homes, families, steady incomes, (more of less) etc., and because we have lived here now for 11 years, everything pretty much stayed the same. You get accustomed to the knowledge that they will be there for you and you for them.

Except for a few years ago when we joined a homegroup of other double-income-no-kids people. Now almost all of them have kids and/or only one income, so much has changed! And today, we are going to a good bye party for two families we really love and respect so much. It's hard to go through that again - I thought we were pretty much over that.

Brandon and Crystal Barnett (and Austin) are being transferred to Washington DC. After that commitment is up, they will most likely be returning to the Republic of Texas, so the chances are good we may never live close to them again. Brandon and I are very different, but I've really enjoyed our time together. He's a good friend. (Even if he was convinced he wouldn't like me before we met)... :) He was a great support as I trained for the marathon. They are a great family. Crystal is an amazing mom, and even though we knew that moving around is part of Marine Corp life, it still will be hard to see them go.

Cassia and Brad Carter are moving to Chicago as Brad pursues a graduate degree in art. Brad is a talented painter and an amazing volleyball player. He is a quiet thinker, so when he speaks, it is always worth hearing what he has to say. Cassia is outgoing and warm. She is the person I ask when I have any wine questions, but she is also a person who thinks and likes to discuss and learn. Their attitudes about spiritual growth and understanding are almost infectious. When you are around them, you want to discuss and learn more. We will miss them a lot, too.

So, in a few hours, we are gathering around a pool to hangout and have a good time together, but for me it will be a bittersweet event. It's hard to say goodbye to people that have invested in your life. They've been there for us during a time of great change for us - business dying, changing careers, adopting girls, changing careers again, and so much more.

I don't know how to end this. I'm just sad about it.


Brandon August 8, 2009 at 8:08 PM  

Thanks for the kind words Jon. We will miss you guys too! Y'all are always welcome to stay with us if you want to come visit D.C. or later, Texas. It's been a great blessing getting to know you and we pray that God truly blesses your family as the girls continue to grow.


Marge August 11, 2009 at 8:23 PM  

It's always hard to face "change"
We like things the way they are... I'm glad you have had good people around you. Who knows who will walk through your "door" next. Thinking of you and wanting you to know how I appreciate the honesty in your writings.
With love,
Aunt Margaret

Horn August 19, 2009 at 10:45 PM  

I'm sorry about that. I go through some of the same thing every year when students from the HS ministry graduate and go off to college...our relationship will never quite be the same. Some of them I've known since they were in 2nd grade. That's the downside of working with teenagers...they're not the most consistent group. ha.
I have learned that most thing in our life are only for certain seasons. And that sort of stinks, but it also makes you appreciate the different stages too.

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