Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hurkey Creek Camping Trip

We just got back from an amazing camping trip! I took the girls for the weekend up to Hurkey Creek with a large group from our church. In many ways, this was the easiest camping I've ever done! I didn't have to worry much about the girls because when they wandered off, they were always going to play with friends from church. And when I found I'd forgotten some necessity, we were surrounded by people who were happy to let us borrow and share.

The girls had a blast, and although sleep was challenging due to the
the coyotes howling, neighbors snoring, and babies crying, and the chilly nights (someone told me their thermometer hit 32 the first night - and our tent is definitely not geared for that kind of low). But I actually feel pretty rested and refreshed. I let the girls do the running and climbing and biking. I mostly took my time, sat and read, and hung out with friends. It was great!

There were too many highlights to mention. But a few that I've uploaded video for were a kids water balloon fight and playing in the creek. Also one photo below shows O after getting her first hit in baseball! She hit the ball over the 2nd baseman's head (but didn't have any idea where to run, so she ran a big "S" near the pitcher's mound).

I'd love to go again! But it is nice to be clean, too :)

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