Sunday, April 24, 2011


It has turned into our family tradition to get all fancy in our Easter clothes and take a photo in the front yard after church. Here is this year's version:

I hadn't shaved in about a month, but I agreed to do it for our photo. Bummer...

And since we went to the 3rd service today, I was able to get a good run in early this morning. For some reason, Ohana likes her stinky daddy when he comes back from a run.

Later this afternoon, we went over to Joy and CJs home for an Easter feast (and more presents for the girls. Hope your Easter was as good as ours!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Car crash

Some of you know that Jenetta and Lynn were involved in an accident on the freeway on Friday. I was working in the lab at the time and didn't have my phone with me, so I missed her phone calls and didn't find out about it until over an hour afterward. As soon as I got the message, I came home to help out and took the rest of the day off to deal with the car and insurance, etc. CHP had it towed off the freeway to the WalMart parking lot, and I waited with the car 3 hours to get it towed to the body shop.

The good thing is that they are both OK. Jenetta is still a bit shaken and sore. Lynn was probably more upset that she was going to be late to preschool than by the accident itself. She had a red mark on her chest from the seat belt, but it didn't bruise and it faded away in a few hours. Jenetta got checked out by a chiropractor just to be safe, but she is feeling better today than she did yesterday.

I am very grateful that the crash was not worse than it was. The car didn't spin out or flip over - it just slammed into the guard rail and a car in the middle lane. The engine cut out, and Jenetta was able to steer it to the median and wait for help.

Even though our Focus has over 190,000 miles on it, and we have been talking about replacing it for a while, we had hoped it would last us at least another year or so. We will find out in a couple of days if it is totaled or if the insurance will pay to repair it.

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