Friday, November 26, 2010

Oceanside Turkey Trot

Yesterday before the feast at Jenetta's mom's house, we took a family trip to Oceanside for a Turkey Trot. I actually started the morning by going first for the 5-mile race that started at 7:00. Then I came back home to interrupt Jenetta's cooking and take the family back to Oceanside for the kids race. O enjoyed it a lot and L has decided she wants to do it next year.

Monday, November 1, 2010


This year, O wanted to be Cinderella, and L wanted to wear the Tigger costume we've had for a while (still a bit big on her). We got all ready and then headed out to show the neighbors the costumes.

Then we spent about an hour at a nearby Baptist church for a Halloween party complete with tractor rides, games, crafts, and a jumpee (with lots of candy, of course).

Probably the highlight fo
r O was a huge maze made out of big cardboard boxes. It filled an entire room and probably had 150 boxes put together with zip ties. What an awesome idea!

Then we went to Chilli's for kids eat free night and then to grandma and grandpa's to show them the costumes before going home to wash off what was left of the tigger makekup :)

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