Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Been a while...

I guess I've been waiting for something meaningful to happen before I posted anything on the blog. In the meantime, lots of small things happened, and then I looked up and it had been two weeks since I put anything up there. I guess that's how life is sometimes.

Tomorrow there are two things on the calendar that I am looking forward to. The first is a follow-up interview with a district office for a large insurance company. The job seems to fit me really well. It's a good match for how I am wired and how I work, and the people seem really nice. It's too bad that it is a 32 mile drive each way :( But at this point, I'll take what I can get! I was one of ten applicants that they interviewed. I should find out tomorrow how many others they chose to call back to meet the boss. It would be nice to earn an income again, but I'm not really stressed about it. Either I'll get it because it is the right job for me, or I won't because something else is meant for me.

Then tomorrow night, Jenetta and I have a date night planned. We haven't had an evening together out for a long time. We are attending a lecture and food/beer tasting at Stone Brewery as part of a UCSD Alumni Association series called "Farm to Table." We're learning more about eating healthy direct-from-grower food options, and Jenetta has been cooking up some incredible meals! Her grass-fed Bison meatloaf actually made me enjoy eating meat! So, we are really looking forward to this event. I've never done anything with the Alumni Association. I guess since I figured I was still paying off my student loans that I wasn't in any position to donate, so why bother? But I've since found out you can do cool stuff with them without donating to the university, so we'll give it a shot.

And lastly, I wanted to let you know something cool that Jenetta and I have been sharing together. Most of you know that she writes a blog called Frugal Freebies and Deals. In attempting to expand her blogging empire, she added a site called The Closeout Kid. But she has been too busy to manage content for it, and other than the 8-10 applications I fill out everyday for job postings, I don't have much else to do. So I've been writing for it since the beginning of February. I think I have the steps down pretty well. It takes me about 90 minutes or so each morning, but if I was really focused, I think I could get done in less than an hour. So far, I'm earning around $5 a day, but more and more people are going to it, so it is steadily growing, and the commissions and advertising revenue are steadily growing.

It has been fun for me to talk the same language as Jenetta. This is something she has been doing for almost two years now and it has turned into a steady part-time job for her. I never really understood what she was doing on the laptop all the time when we were watching TV at night. Now I get it :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fan Fest at Petco Park

Judy and Jenetta went to Alana's baby shower, so Kyle and I took the girls to Petco for the Padre's Fan Fest. It was fun for the girls to run around the Park in the Park and to bounce on the jumpy they had set up. We enjoyed a nice sunny lunch and a great morning together. Note the Canada shirts on the girls. Judy and Kyle are doing their part now that the girls' last names are Penner. :)

Judy and Kyle's visit

It has been a lot of fun to have my sister Judy and my brother-in-law Kyle with us this week! We've been enjoying the sunny weather. They are both so good with the kids. In particular, Judy takes no crap from O. Exactly what she needs! :)

Winter, Escondido style

I've been meaning to post these photos for a while. After our trip to the mountains, we brought a cooler full of snow home. It lasted about 30 minutes. It was fun!

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