Friday, January 15, 2010

Photo Shoot

I've been working this week on a photo shoot in lovely Boulevard, CA. Our Cousin-in-law Alana hired me to help out. The crew is shooting product promo photos for a military contractor. It's been quite an experience! We are working on a ranch where the southern border of the property is actually the US-Mexico border. Here is what the fence looks like:

Here are some photos of the type of setups we have been doing:

Alana and I helped to make the concrete barriers and junky cars look more junky and dusty.

Cris worked today on the shoot as an Afghani person. Here he is sweating nervously at the military checkpoint. Definitely a "person of interest!" :)

It's been hard to be away from the girls so much this week, but I am sure grateful for the work!


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